Radical Framework

Radical is an infrastructure framework whose primary role is to help in the development of composite WPF and Universal applications based on the Model-View-ViewModel pattern.

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Concentrate on business needs not on infrastructure

Front-end developers need to concentrate all their effort in building UIs that respond to their stakeholders’ needs, not on the infrastructure required to support that UI. Our goal is to support the developer with a powerful framework that provides all the infrastructure required to build an amazing and easy-to-maintain user interface.

Radical comes with a predefined configuration, based on highly customizable conventions, that drives the developer in setting up the development environment in what we think is the most productive setup.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy, with the 5’ tutorials


Setting up a new Radical application is as easy as:

Visual Studio templates

To make things as easy as possible we also have Visual Studio templates published on the Visual Studio gallery, go and download them to startup your project as fast as a lightning with all what you need.

Get in touch

We are here to help you to get the most out of Radical, the documentation is the first place to look for information, if you can’t find something in the documentation that suites your needs please raise an issue and we’ll fix it.

If you find something wrong shame on us :-) but, please, do raise an issue, or if you already fixed it help us with a pull request we will be very happy to support you for the entire process.

We recently setup a Google Group for technical discussions related to the Radical daily usage, the entire team is listening.

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